Fresh MLM Leads

When it comes to MLM network marketing success, you must have a steady source of fresh MLM leads. The term, fresh, indicates that that are current, not a year or more old — not even a few months old.

Besides being fresh, they should be qualified MLM leads, as well. If you have the contact information for people who do not have a penny to join your program, or they live in a nation that the program doesn’t operate in, then they are just not qualified leads.

There are ways to create your own fresh MLM leads, but many people prefer to purchase them from a service that specializes in that. It is important that the leads are double opt in MLM leads. If the system used to collect the lead uses a single opt in process, you do not know for sure if that person really requested to be contacted, or if someone is playing a joke on them.

The double opt in process works like this: After someone makes the initial request to join a mailing list, an email is sent to their inbox with a confirmation link. They are only placed on the list when they open that email and click the link, proving that they requested the information, and not someone else.

The hot item lately is known as, MLM genealogy leads. Those are lists of people who are known to currently be a member of an MLM program, or at the very least, they recently left one.

In general, on the subject of buying leads, network marketers are quite split. Many people swear by them, while others do not see the need, since they are good at getting their own.

Among those who advise against buying your leads, they say it is because it is difficult to verify the claims made about them, by the sellers. How do you know they are fresh? Maybe the same list was sold many times before. Were they really double opt ins? People opt in to just one list at a time, so the same lead can not be sold more than once.

Many people have gone on to become heavy hitters in MLM purchase leads. But, they all have a couple things in common. 1) They were able to find an reliable and honest service that sells leads. 2) They became very good on the telephone. The real value of buying fresh MLM leads comes from the fact that you get the phone numbers. If you become adept in the fine art of persuasion over the telephone, there will be no stopping your success in network marketing.

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